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At Green Valley Grocery, we carry the very best brands in food & drink
and always strive to make sure you have exactly what you need to stay energized, satisfied and your thirst quenched.

The Best In Snacks
From candy and chips to pastry items and gum, we have every major snack brand under the sun joining forces with Green Valley Grocery to ensure your taste buds have the ultimate in choice!
Cold Beverages
We have all of the best, coolest, ice-cold, satisfying, thirst-quenching, energizing, beverages you can imagine.
And then some.
Great Coffee
We have a wide and wonderful array of coffees from drip, cappuccino, nitro cold-brew along with a range of beans for your favorite morning or afternoon cup.
At Green Valley Grocery we stock the shelves with many of the everyday grocery items you need in your household for that quick bite, cleaning items, picnic supplies, auto needs, bags of ice, etc. and even more etc.
Fresh Foods
We strive to stock many fresh items, so that when you’re in the need for a quick bite for lunch, want something hot off the grill or need to pick up dairy items, we are your go-to convenience store.
Fantastic Frazil
Oh the Frazil!
This is just hands down the best frozen, tasty, teeth-clattering ice drink ever. Enjoy.